Datacoin mining pool for AMD/NVIDIA cards

DIFF.9.8606 BLOCKS2332879 NODES30 WORKERS5 LATENCY303 CPD2323.97

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Main pool is dtc.graymines.net

Pool fee is 2%. Your shares are counted and put into payment queue, then paid when found blocks get fully confirmed.
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version 10.1 beta, ~240 CPD on GFX 1080.
version 10.0 beta, ~130 CPD on Radeon 280X, 200 CPD on GFX 1080.
version 9.4.1, version 8.2, ~180 CPD on Radeon 280X.
You can also experiment to get better results, miner thread: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=602292.0

Mine on your own risk!
Good luck and have fun!